About blacksford

Blacksford is the leader in overland adventures, based in Bozeman. We offer brand new Mercedes Sprinter overland adventure vehicles from Winnebago - the Revel and View. We allow you to either chose your own adventure with one of our vehicles or we can curate your experience with GuidePost by Blacksford. We help connect you with campsites, guides, and other hand picked experiences that make your adventure amazing. We offer airport-exclusive locations in Bozeman, Montana and St George, Utah.

We offer an all-inclusive experience so you don’t have to worry about all the bits of camping and adventuring - we will even provision your vehicle prior to arrival.


How we started

Blacksford started out of a challenge.  I wanted to rent a RV for my family to tour western Canada and I couldn't find one for rent between Minneapolis and Seattle.  Furthermore, the options for rentals were less that what expected for the premium paid from online experience to the physical location to the nickel and diming of you for things that should be expected to be part of your vacation.  I was actually told by a RV dealer that they hate renting our RV's because they don't make money on it.  I WAS DONE!

So being the problem solver, idea guy that I am, I sought out to fix it.  From this online experience to our Mercedes Sprinter's to fully stocked RV's this is what RV rental should be!  OH, and we are located at the airport where you fly in.  Why Uber with kids, luggage and everything just to get you your RV.  We greet you at the gate, load your bags on our carts, we onboard you virtually so you don't have to spend hours getting to know your RV, we have 24 hour roadside assistance, and we have a great lounge for the kids to hang out while we get you all sorted in the RV.  And because we want you to enjoy the areas we serve - every rental gets a free annual pass to our national parks.  

  • Jonathan Distad - Founder